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Life is more than just ‘studying’! Couldn’t clear your SSC/ Intermediate/ Degree exam? Couldn’t complete the education that you wanted to? Don’t worry, as there’s more. Every individual has a unique talent that needs to be found out by their parents.

It’s me, KCR!

The multimedia industry has a great number of jobs coming up in the near years. There is no better time other than this to learn animation. Your past grades don’t even matter much, as to become a great animator all you need is decent computer skills and a little creativity.

It’s me, Chandrababu Naidu!

Software companies, national as well as international, are on their way to develop in the city of Amravati. In a couple of years, the multimedia industry is going to need thousands of animators. It’s okay if you haven’t studied much. To be a great animator, you need a pinch of creativity in your thoughts. If you have it in you, get ready for a flourishing career in the multimedia industry.

Jai Telugu Desam Party
Jai Amravati

It’s me, Sonia Gandhi!

Today's youth has a great scope in the field of multimedia as animators.

Jai Indira Gandhi
Jai Rajeev Gandhi
Jai Congress

It’s me, Pavan Kalyan!

When your kid is failing in the exam, does it really count insisting him/her to continue banging his head with those books? Famous personalities like the cricketer - Sachin Tendulkar, director - Rajamouli, Tennis star - P.V. Sindhu, music director - A.R. Rahman etc. hadn’t had much luck with studies, but their success and fame in their respective fields today is incomparable. Had their parents forced them to be a part of the crowd, we would have missed on such great mega stars?